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Acharya, Sushil K
Acting Chief Faculty Development and Global Initiatives Officer (Academic Affairs)
Professor of Software Engineering (Engineering)
Vice President, Grants, Research and Global Initiatives (Research and Grant Administration)


Bires, Angela Macci
Professor of Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (Nuclear Medicine)
Coordinator, Nuclear Medicine Program (Nuclear Medicine)
Radiation Safety Officer (Nuclear Medicine)

Bryan, Lois D
University Professor of Accounting (Accounting and Taxation)

Buzzelli, Armand A
Director, Campus Recreation (Campus Recreation)
Part-Time Faculty (Health Services Administration)


Cavalovitch, Renee T
General Counsel and Vice President for Legal Affairs and Risk Management (Office of General Counsel)

Cichra, James A
Director, Sports Dome (Golf Dome -Home)
Part-Time Faculty (Health Services Administration)

Cole, Michele T
Part-Time Faculty (Management)


Decastro-Sallis, Kishma P
Senior Director, Center for Student Success and Personal Development (Center For Student Success & Personal Development)

Dress, William J
Associate Professor of Biology (Science)

Duzyk, James S
Assistant Director of Athletics, Media Relations (Athletics)


Emekter, Riza
Department Head, Finance (Finance)
Professor of Finance (Finance)

Englert, Nadine C
Interim Dean, School of Education, Nursing and Health Sciences (Dean - SNEHS)
Associate Dean, School of Nursing, Education and Human Studies (Dean - SNEHS)
Chief Nurse Administrator (Nursing)
Professor of Nursing (Nursing)


Flanegin, Frank R
University Professor of Finance (Finance)

Fuller, Richard G
Director, Center for Innovative Teaching (Center for Innovative Teaching)
Director, Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Management and Leadership Program (Ph.D. in Education)
Professor of Education (Education)


Groendyke, Christophe
Director, Actuarial Science (Mathematics)
Professor of Actuarial Science (Mathematics)


Hampe, Holly M
Director, Health Services Administration Program (Health Services Administration)
Associate Professor of Health Services Administration (Health Services Administration)

Hanson, David J
Executive Director, Island Sports Center (Administration)

Haynam, Ruth L
Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing and Facilities Operations (Facilities Administration: Moon)

Hendershot, Stephanie N
Senior Director, Financial Aid (Enrollment Management)

Hudak, David G
Department Head, Mathematics (Mathematics)
Professor of Actuarial Science and Mathematics (Mathematics)


Jacobs, Derya A
Senior Vice President for Corporate Relations and Strategic Initiatives (Corporate Relations & Strategic Initiatives)
Professor of Operations Research (Management)


Kalevitch, Maria V
University Professor of Biology (Science)

Karshner, Edward L
Associate Professor of English (Arts & Humanities)

Kaufmann, Judith A
Associate Professor of Nursing (Nursing)

Keefer, Maureen H
Dean of Students (Office of Student Life)

Kirsch, Tim J
Senior Director, Capital Projects and Safety (Facilities Administration: Moon)


Lane, Donald E
Associate Registrar (Academic Service Center)
Part-Time Faculty (Social Sciences)

Laurenzi, Kellie L
Chief Enrollment Officer (Enrollment Management)

Locke, John J
Chief Experience Officer (Office of Student Involvement)
Part-Time Faculty (Communication & Organizational Leadership)


MacPhail, Carol S
Associate Professor of Accounting (Accounting and Taxation)
Associate Professor of Finance (Finance)
Coordinator, Financial Planning (Finance)

Manohar, Priyadarshan A
Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (Engineering)
Coordinator, Assessment (Engineering)

Maurer, Matthew J
Associate Professor of Science (Science)
Coordinator, Science Education (Science)

Maurer, Patti
Part-Time Faculty (Arts & Humanities)

McClure, Paige
Senior Director, Student Financial and Accounting Services (Student Financial Services)

Micco, Melissa A
Interim Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer (Financial Operations)

Michalenko, John A
Director, Collegiate Club Bowling Men's and Women's Teams (Club Bowling)

Miller, Phillip G
Chief Information Officer (Information Technology)

Millet, Matthew B
Vice President, Development (Capital Campaign Mgmt)

Mitchell, Jeffrey J
Acting Dean, School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (Dean, SEMS)
Associate Dean, School of Engineering, Math and Science (Dean, SEMS)
Professor of Mathematics (Mathematics)

Moretti, Anthony J
Department Head, Communication and Organizational Leadership (Communication & Organizational Leadership)
Associate Professor of Communication (Communication & Organizational Leadership)
Coordinator, Washington Center Internship and Seminar Program (Academic Affairs)


Oden, Cassandra L
Assistant Coordinator, Service for Students with Disabilities (Center For Student Success & Personal Development)

Outon, Peggy M
Assistant Vice President, Community Engagement and Leadership Development (Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management)


Perry, Francis E
Part-Time Faculty (Social Sciences)

Pinson, Heather H
Department Head, Arts and Humanities (Arts & Humanities)
Professor of Humanities (Arts & Humanities)
Professor of Media Arts (Arts & Humanities)

Pyo, Katrina A
Associate Professor of Nursing (Nursing)


Radermacher, Jon A
Acting Chief Academic Operations Officer (Academic Affairs)
Associate Professor of Media Arts (Arts & Humanities)
Vice Provost, Academic Administration (Academic Affairs)

Ramponi, Denise R
Professor of Nursing (Nursing)

Robins, Anthony G
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (Office of Diversity Inclusion and Equity)
Associate Professor of Biology (Science)
Coordinator, STEM Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (Dean, SEMS)

Roofner, Perry F
Vice President, Facilities (Facilities Administration: Moon)

Rudd, Denis P
University Professor of Hospitality Management (Management)


Schlak, Tim M
Associate Provost, Academic Alliances (Library)
Associate Professor of Librarianship (Library)

Sirinterlikci, Arif
University Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (Engineering)

Sutton, Elizabeth A
Director, Figure Skating (Skating-Home)

Synowka, David P
Director, Sport Management Program (Marketing)
Professor of Sport Management (Sport Management)


Todd (Bucci), Diane M
Professor of English and Communications Skills (Arts & Humanities)


Vanhala, Helena
Associate Professor of Media Arts (Arts & Humanities)


Watkins, Marianne L
Director, Power Skating (Camps)


Young, Jennifer C
Director, Donor Engagement (Capital Campaign Mgmt)