Degrees & Majors - School of Education and Social Sciences

RMU SESS Programs degree availability
Academic Program - Undergraduate
Secondary Education B.A. or B.S. On Campus
Middle Level Education B.S. On Campus
Secondary Education - Business Education B.S. On Campus
Early Childhood Education B.S. On Campus
Sociology B.A. On Campus
Social Science B.A. or B.S. On Campus
History B.A. On Campus
Criminal Justice B.S. On Campus Fully Online
Political Science B.A. On Campus
Social Science Education B.A. On Campus
Psychology B.S. On Campus
Economics B.A. On Campus
Academic Program - Graduate
Instructional Leadership M.S. On Campus Fully Online
Instructional Management and Leadership Ph.D. On Campus Fully Online
Literacy M.Ed. On Campus
Special Education M.Ed. On Campus
Business Education M.S. On Campus
Counseling Psychology M.S. On Campus
Academic Program - Certificate
English as a Second Language Certificate Fully Online
Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate On Campus
Online Teaching Certificate Fully Online
Principal Certification Certificate On Campus Fully Online
Advanced Study in Reading Certificate Fully Online
Reading Specialist Certificate On Campus
Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate On Campus Fully Online