Denise R. Ramponi, DNP, FNP-C, ENP-C, FAANP, FAEN
Associate Professor of Nursing (Nursing)
Coordinator, DNP Simulation (DNP Program)
412-397-6244 phone (M)
412-397-3277 fax
Scaife Hall 123

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice, Nursing, Waynesburg University, 2010
  • Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing, Duquesne University, 1994
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nursing, LaRoche College, 1989
  • Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care/Emergency, IUP/Allegheny General Hospital, 1980

Professional Background

  • Nurse Practitioner with 30+ years experience in trauma, emergency, urgent care, occupational medicine & retail health settings.
  • PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT: 10/2000 - present: Heritage Valley Health System, ED CRNP/PA Supervisor for 10 years, ED Nurse Practitioner
  • 7/88 to 10/00 University of Pittsburgh Shadyside Hospital, Emergency Department Director, implemented NP role in ED
  • 12/73 to 7/88 Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA Positions include: Supervisor Flight Nurse, Trauma Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner & Supervisor, & RN positions

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Publications in Diagnostic Imaging: Column Editor for the Imaging Column, Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal
  • Publications regarding Methods to Reduce Pediatric Pain during Minor Procedures in Journal of Emergency Nursing, Nursing Spectrum Journal & national presentations
  • Skills Workshop Instruction: Suturing, Minor Office Procedures, X-ray Interpretation, EENT Workshops, Dental workshops
  • Emergency, Trauma & Surgical Nurse Practitioner; Emergency Department & Helicopter Nursing Director


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  • 2015
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  • 2013
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  • 2009-2010
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  • 2008 & previous
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  • 2016 - April 20-22, 2016 "Suturing - The Basics", "Suturing - Beyond the Basics", "Minor Office Procedures", "Extremity x-ray interpretation", National Hands on Skills Workshop Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. Mar 19, 2016 "Suturing workshop","Minor Office Procedure workshop", Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA Sept 16, 2016 "Suturing Workshop" & "Minor Office Procedure Workshop", Midlevel U, Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant Conference, Nashville, TN. Sept 18-19, 2016 "Minor Office Procedure Workshop", "EENT Workshop", "Hand & Wrist Injuries & Radiology Review", Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioner Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • 2015 - Jan 31 - Suturing Workshop, Seattle NAPNAP Conference, Seattle, WA; Mar 28 - Suturing & Minor Office Procedure workshops Clarion & Edinboro Universities, Edinboro, PA; April 12-14 - National "Hands on" Skills Workshop Conference, Pittsburgh, PA; Dental Procedures and Blocks for the Non-Dentist, SEMPA Conference, Orlando, FL; June 11-12 - Red Eyes & Red Flags, Extremity X-ray Interpretation, Dental & Mouth Problems in Primary Care, American Association of Nurse Practitioners Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • 2014 - Feb 7: Basic Office Procedures for Primary Care, Three Rivers NAPNAP conference, Pittsburgh, PA; Mar 6-8: Six Hands on Skill Workshop Conference, Pittsburgh, PA; Mar 26: Dental Workshop, Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Conference, New Orleans, LA; Mar 21 - Suturing & Minor Office Procedure Workshop, Clarion FNP program, Clarion, PA; June American Association of NP Conference, Red Eyes & Red Flags; Sept 18 - Louisiana NP Conference Minor Office Procedures, New Orleans, LA; Oct 22 - Western PA ENA, Reducing Pain in Minor Procedures, Pittsburgh, PA; Nov 6 - PA Coalition of NP Conference, Suturing Workshop; Nov 11 - Duquesne University, Suturing, Minor Office Procedures & Chest x-ray interpretation, Pittsburgh, PA;
  • 2013 - Jan 26: Minor Office Procedures in Pediatric patients, Seattle NAPNAP Conference, Seattle, WA; Feb 1: Minor Office Procedures for Pediatric Patients, Three Rivers NAPNAP, Pittsburgh, PA; Mar 20: Dental workshop; Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Conference, Las Vegas, NV; April 27 - Suture Workshop & Minor Office Procedures Workshop, Clarion University FNP program, Clarion, PA; May 8: Suture Workshop, Family Practice Residency program, Heritage Valley Health System, Beaver, PA; June 20-23: Ophthalmology Workshop, Red Eyes & Red Flags, Minor Office Procedures, American Association of Nurse Practitioners National Conference, Las Vegas, NV; Hand & Wrist Injuries with Radiograph Review, Eye Emergencies, National Emergency Nurses Association Conference, Nashville, TN; Maxillofacial & Ocular Emergencies and Orthopedic & Wound Emergencies, CEN Review Course, Pittsburgh, PA; Suturing Workshop, Minor Office Procedures, Chest x-ray interpretation, Duquesne University FNP program, Pittsburgh, PA;
  • 2012 - : March 27: Minor Office Procedures, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX; March 31: Suture & Minor Office Procedures Workshops, Clarion University, PA; May 23: Suturing Workshop, National Teaching Institute national conference, Orlando, FL.; May 20 Certified Emergency Nurse Review Course - Ocular, Maxilofacial, Orthopedic & Wound Sections, St. Clair Hospital, PA.; June 22-24 Ophthalmic Procedures Workshop and The Red Eye, American Academy of Nurse Practitioner National Conference, Orlando, FL.; Sept 12-16: Reducing Pediatric Pain in Minor Procedures, Joint Evaluations, and Hand Emergencies, National Emergency Nurses Association Scientific Assembly, San Diego, CA.; Oct 2-5: Suturing Workshop: the Basics, Suturing Workshop: Beyond the Basics & Red eyes and Red flags, American College of Nurse Practitioners National Conference, Toronto, Canada.; Nov 1-3: Suturing Workshop, Minor Office Procedures Workshop, Chest x-ray Interpretation, and Extremity x-ray Interpretation, Duquesne University, Family NP Program, Pittsburgh, PA.; Nov 14: Ocular & Maxillofacial Emergencies, Orthopedic & Wound Emergencies, Certified Emergency Nurse Review Course, Mt. Nittany Hospital, PA State ENA Conference, State College, PA.; Nov 16: Ocular & Maxillofacial Emergencies, Orthopedic & Wound Emergencies, Certified Emergency Nurse Review Course, UPMC St. Margarets Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • 2011 - Nov 17: Suturing Workshop and Minor Office Procedures Workshop, Duquesne University NP program, Pittsburgh, PA.; Nov 8: Orthopedic & Wound Review and Ocular & Maxillofacial Review for Certified Emergency Nurse Exam Review Course, Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.; Oct 5-8 American College of Nurse Practitioners National Conference: Suturing Workshops, Interpretation of Extremity radiographs, Red Eye; Denver, CO.; Sept 30: Reducing Pain in Pediatric Minor Procedures, Pittsburgh Chapter of National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, Pittsburgh, PA.; Sept 21-24: Emergency Nurses Association Conference; EENT, X-ray interpretation, Art of Fundoscopy, Tampa, FL.; June 22: Splinting Workshop and Chest x-ray interpretation, Horizons PA State Emergency Nurses Association Conference, State College, PA.; June 2011: Pennsylvania Emergency Nurses Association; Chest x-ray interpretation, Splinting workshop, State College PA. April 2011; Suturing & Minor Office Procedure Workshops, Clarion University, Venango Campus, PA.; May 18-20:Basic Suturing Workshop, Beyond Basics Suturing Workshop, HEENT Workshop, Minor Office Procedures Workshop, Extremity Radiograph Interpretation, Chest & Abdomen Radiograph Interpretation, Practitioner Education Associates, LaRoche College, Pittsburgh, PA.; May 11-12 Suturing Workshop, HEENT Workshop, Minor Office Procedures, Extremity Radiograph Interpretation, Chest & Abdomen Radiograph Interpretation; April 9: Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD.; Suturing Workshop: Basics & Beyond and Minor Office Procedures, Clarion University, Clarion, PA.; April 7: Professional Issues, Maxillofacial & Ocular Emergencies, and Orthopedic & Wound Emergencies, Certified Emergency Nursing Course, Pittsburgh, PA.; Mar 23: Reducing Pediatric Pain in Minor Procedures?, Western PA Emergency Nurses Association, Pittsburgh, PA. Mar 15: Dental Workshop Assistant, Society of Emergency Medicine Assistants Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  • 2010 - Nov 2010 Suturing & Minor Procedure Workshop, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. Nov 2010 Suturing & Minor Office Procedures, Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners Conference, Harrisburg, PA