Academic Services & Office of the Registrar

Academic Services serves under the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Services.

The Academic Services Office has become an integral part of the student's academic growth. The department functions as the main resource for students, faculty, and staff seeking information and/or services relating to the academic services within this system.

The Academic Services Office is located on the Moon Township campus and staffed by professional members equipped to administer student academic needs. The Moon Campus office is located in Patrick Henry Center on the Library level.

    Contact Information

    Office of the Registrar

    Mary Ann A. Rafoth, Ph.D.
    Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
    Professor of Education

    Daniell C. Matthews, M.A.
    University Registrar, Registrar's Office

    Academic Services

    • Determine the academic status of students
    • Evaluate and process academic approval for directed/independent study and off-campus credit
    • Interpret and administer academic rules and regulations
    • Processes course waiver/substitutions
    • Provide academic clearance for registration and reinstatements

    Academic Advising

    • Administer the advisement system
    • Assist the faculty in the advisement system
    • Maintain and distribute faculty advisement handbook

    Academic Information

    • Prepares ┬áthe master Schedule of Classes and Planners
    • Announce changes in course offerings, programs, and degree requirements
    • Provide information relating to academic affairs
    • Serve as a referral source to other student support systems

    Academic Services

    • Click here for academic forms
    • Audit graduation requirements
    • Award degrees
    • Maintain all academic records and files of registered students
    • Prepare and maintain academic checksheets outlining graduation requirements
    • Process change of majors
    • Process course/school withdrawals


    • Process attendance verification for deferments, insurance, and government programs
    • Process change of name and address
    • Provide cross-registration services with other member institutions of the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education
    • Registration services

    Student Records

    • Click here to request your official academic transcript
    • Process requests for official transcripts for students who are not able to request online digital transcripts