Justin P. DePlato, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science (Social Sciences)
412-397-5912 phone (M)
412-397-6044 fax
Wheatley Center 226

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Political Science, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2012
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, St John Fisher College, 2002
  • Master of Arts, Political Science, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2006

Professional Background

  • Recipient of the RMU Student Government Association Distinguished Teaching Award (2015-2016)
  • Member of the Northeastern Political Science Association
  • Member of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association

Area of Expertise/Research

  • My expertise and research interests are in the American Presidency, Political Philosophy, Voting Theories and Elections, Democratic Constitutional Theory, and Republican party politics.


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  • American Democracy: Founders, Enlightened Philosophers and Presidents (Lexington Books 2015 pp.xi - 638)
  • The Cavalier Presidency: Executive Power and Prerogative in Times of Crisis (Lexington Books 2014 , pp. xi - 215)
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  • "Speaker Boehner's Fall is All About the Tea Party", in Pittsburgh Post Gazette (September 2015)
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  • "Power and Constraint: America's War on Terror", Congress and Presidency Vol. 44, pp. 164-169
  • The Classics and the Founders: Analyzing the Theory of Democracy from Ancient Greece to America's Founding (Cambridge MA: Cognella Academic Press) December 2014
  • A review of "Power and Constraint: America's War on Terror", in Congress and the Presidency, volume 44, pp. 164-169 (2017)


  • 2018 - Pennsylvania Political Science Association Annual Meeting (Westchester PA), "The Trump effect on Polling: How more Surprises are coming in 2018 Midterms"
  • 2017 - Pennsylvania Political Science Annual Meeting (Pittsburgh, PA) "The Purging of the Republican Party and the Emergence of Candidate Trump"
  • 2016 - Northeastern Political Science Conference (Boston MA) "The Resurgence of Populist Politics on the Right: Diffusing Liberal Advantages"
  • 2015 - Northeastern Political Science Conference (Philadelphia PA) The Theory of Executive Emergency Power: Competing Thoughts on the Use and Justifications for Use of Extraordinary Power in Liberal Democracies
  • 2015 - Presidential Power Conference - Dordt College (Iowa) "Bush and the War On Terror: Strength and Consensus"
  • 2014 - Northeastern Political Science Conference (Boston MA, November 2014) The Power of Crisis: The Hyper Unitary Presidency of GW Bush