Won Joo, Ph.D.
Department Head, Engineering (Engineering)
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering (Engineering)
412-397-4026 phone (M)
412-397-2593 fax
John Jay 291

Educational Background

  • Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Korea University
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

Professional Background

  • Zimmer, USA
  • Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea
  • Daewoo Heavy Industry, Seoul, Korea

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Solid mechanics, Fracture/damage mechanics. Orthopedic biomechanics, Computational modeling and experimental mechanics of solid materials
  • Additive manufacturing, Machining, Metal powder injection molding and sintering process
  • Machine Design. Medical device design process (Design Control). FDA regulation, GLP/GMP
  • Biomaterial, Bone biology/physiology, Histology
  • Engineering materials (Ferrous/non-ferrous metal, Ceramics)