Donna L. Mason, M.S., CNMT, RT(N)
Assistant Professor of Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (Nuclear Medicine)
412-397-5418 phone (M)
412-397-3977 fax
Nicholson Center 469

Educational Background

  • Master of Science, Professional Leadership, Carlow University, 2005
  • CNMT, RT(N), Nuclear Medicine Technology, CCAC, 1984
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Carlow College, 1983

Professional Background

  • Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board in Radiation Safety NMTCB(RS)
  • Examination Committee, American Registry of Radiologic Technologist.
  • Abstract Reviewer, Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section.
  • Moderator and Evaluator, Society of Nuclear Medicine Student Technologist Section, Society of Nuclear Medicine's 57th Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Educators Task Force - Transition Subcommittee, Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section.
  • Educator's Task Force, - Students and Educators Subcommittee, Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section.
  • Item Writer, American Registry of Radiologic Technologist
  • Professional Development Task Force, Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section.
  • Educators Committee, Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section.

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Research Grants: Mason DL, Macci Bires A. "Perspectives from Nuclear Medicine Technologists: Should Parents be Permitted in the Nuclear Medicine Imaging Suite During Procedures?" American Society of Radiologic Technologists Education and Research Foundation, Grant # S08RG01. Funded May 2008. Robert Morris University IRB approval #080504, June 2008.


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