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Educational Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Instructional Management and Leadership, Robert Morris University, 2011
  • Master of Science in Education, Instructional Technology, Duquesne University, 2006
  • Bachelor of Science in Education, Social Studies, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, 2000
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, 2000


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  • 2011 - Leveraging the Blackboard Mobile App to Brand and Promote a University Veteran's Center
    Blackboard World Conference
    Las Vegas, NV
  • 2011 - A Model for Serving the Military Student-Veteran on Our Campus
    Moon Township, PA
  • 2011 - Teaching Online Courses Roundtable
    RMU Business Educators Conference
    Moon Township, PA
  • 2010 - Enhancing Your Classroom with Video Conferencing
    BCIT: Educating Students for Tomorrow
    Moon Township, PA
  • 2010 - Choosing the Right Learning Management System
    OCICU Annual Conference
    San Antonio, TX
  • 2007 - Getting Started with Learning Management Systems
    Pittsburgh Blackboard User's Group Conference
    Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2008 - Podcasting in the K-12 Classroom
    RMU School of Education Conference
    Moon Township, PA
  • 2008 - Podcasting in the Secondary Classroom
    RMU Business Educators Conference
    Moon Township, PA
  • 2008 - Getting Started with Learning Management Systems
    PETE&C Annual Conference
    Hershey, PA
  • 2007 - Technology for Teachers
    RMU School of Education Conference
    Moon Township, PA
  • 2009 - Teaching with 21st Century Technology
    STEM Educator Conference
    Moon Township, PA


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