Susan B. Malcolm, Ph.D.
Part-Time Faculty (English Department)
Wheatley Center 142

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Duquesne University
  • Master of Education, Duquesne University
  • Master of Business Administration, Business, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication, University of Pittsburgh

Schedule of Courses
Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, Susan

Spring 2015
  • COSO1220-L1
  • -ONLINEFMalcolm2 (01/10-03/06/15)6 Seats
  • COSO2220-L1
  • -ONLINEFMalcolm4 (03/07-05/02/15)2 Seats
  • COSO2221-L1
  • -ONLINEFMalcolm2 (01/10-03/06/15)2 Seats