Leadership Council Directory

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Cavalovitch, Renee T
General Counsel and Vice President for Legal Affairs and Risk Management (Office of General Counsel)


Hickman, Xavier M
Deputy Chief of Staff (Office of the President)


Jacobs, Derya A
Senior Vice President for Corporate Relations and Strategic Initiatives (Corporate Relations & Strategic Initiatives)
Professor of Operations Research (Management)


Listwak, Jeffrey A
Senior Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer (Financial Operations)


Majka, David R
Vice President for Planning and Administration and Chief of Staff (Office of the President)
Associate Professor of Learning Resources (Library)

Micco, Melissa A
Chief Accounting and Financial Planning Officer and Assistant Treasurer (Financial Operations)

Michalenko, John A
Vice President, Student Life (Office of Student Life)

Millet, Matthew B
Vice President, Development (Capital Campaign Mgmt)


Outon, Peggy M
Assistant Vice President, Community Engagement and Leadership Development (Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management)


Potts, Jonathan E
Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations (Marketing (Institutional Advancement))


Rafoth, Mary Ann
Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs (Academic Affairs)
Professor of Education (Education)

Robins, Anthony G
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (Office of Diversity Inclusion and Equity)
Associate Professor of Biology (Science)
Coordinator, STEM Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (Dean, SEMS)

Roofner, Perry F
Vice President, Facilities (Facilities Administration: Moon)