HLSC4803-A Health Science Thesis (Summer 2024)

Course Details

Session, Dates: 1 (05/13/2024 - 08/23/2024)
Days: APPT
Time: -
Location: Moon Campus
Seats Available: APPT
Credits: 3

Course Description

This course will provide support to students engaged in a personal project that ties together undergraduate course work, the student?s experiences in the health sciences, individual research by the student in an area of interest and identifies an area in the future of health that the student identifies as a personal priority in terms of future commitment.

Course Materials

About the Instructor(s)

Carla A. Conrad, Ph.D.
Program Director, Health Sciences
Psychology and Health Sciences

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
Psychology and Health Sciences

412-397-6032 phone
Scaife Hall 140