MATH2070-A Calculus W/ Analytic Geom I (Spring 2024)
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Course Details

Session, Dates: 1 (01/16/2024 - 05/03/2024)
Days: M W F
Time: 07:45 - 08:50 am
Location: Moon Campus
Room: John Jay 264
Seats Available: 6 Seats
Credits: 4

Course Description

This is the first in a three-course calculus sequence. Topics covered include limits, continuity, derivatives, rules for derivation, applications, and related rates; optimization techniques for extrema including Rolle's and mean value theorems; first and second derivative tests; curve sketching; differentials and indefinite integrals; Riemann Sums; integration techniques, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. The TI-83 (or higher) graphing calculator is required.

Prerequisite: MATH1020 or content evidence by placement examination 4 Credits

Course Materials

About the Instructor(s)

Allen R. Lias, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics
412-397-4057 phone
412-397-4075 fax
John Jay 314