INFS2160-A Visual C# Programming (Spring 2021)
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Course Details

Session, Dates: 1 (01/19/2021 - 04/30/2021)
Days: M
Time: 06:00 - 08:50 pm
Location: Moon Campus
Room: Wheatley Center 114
Seats Available: 4 Seats
Credits: 3
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Course Description

This course provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop well-structured, user-friendly applications using the Visual C# programming language. The courses begins by covering topics such as designing user interfaces, understanding variables and arithmetic operations, making decisions, and using loop structures and files. Building on this knowledge, coverage progresses to more advanced topics, such as modularizing code with methods, arrays and lists and creating classes and objects.

About the Instructor(s)

David F. Wood, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer and Information Systems
Computer and Information Systems
412-397-6465 phone
412-397-6469 fax
Wheatley Center 308