ENVS4060-A Surv Environmental Technol (Fall 2021)
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Course Details

Session, Dates: 1 (08/30/2021 - 12/17/2021)
Days: APPT
Time: -
Location: Moon Campus
Seats Available: APPT
Credits: 1

Course Description

This is a research course that exposes students to the industrial and governmental literature on the technologies and methodologies available to the environmental science professional to monitor the environment on local, regional or global sales. Students review the literature to identify the vendors and purveyors of the equipment to monitor specific environmental variables by examining the operating manuals of the equipment reviewed. Students prepare reports recommending appropriate suites of equipment capable of addressing the compliance or non-compliance of an ecosystem with applicable industry and governmental standards and regulations

Prerequisite: CHEM3500 1 Credits

About the Instructor(s)

Daniel B. Short, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Environmental Science

412-397-4054 phone
412-397-4075 fax
John Jay 215