Undergraduate Degrees, Majors and Concentrations

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ENGL1040 - Readn Literatur: Coming Of Age (Course Code was formerly: LITO1040)
ENGL1050 - Readng Lit:Classics/Cntr Trad
ENGL2050 - Dramatic Writing (Course Code was formerly: THEA2050)
ENGL2540 - Intro To Linguistics (Course Code was formerly: EN380)
ENGL3010 - Modern Engl Grammar & Editing (Course Code was formerly: ENGL1000)
ENGL3020 - Creative Writing
ENGL3025 - Technical Writing
ENGL3030 - Teach Eng/Comm In Sec School (Course Code was formerly: EN390)
ENGL3040 - Technical Editing
ENGL3110 - History Of English Language (Course Code was formerly: ELIT3110)
ENGL3400 - Writing and Social Media
ENGL3500 - Study Of Persuasion (Course Code was formerly: ENGL2500)
ENGL3918 - First World War Poetry
ENGL4000 - The Teaching Of Writing
ENGL4010 - Nonfiction Writing
ENGL4100 - Professionalism In Tchng Engl
HNRS3918 - Honors: First World War Poetry