Undergraduate Degrees, Majors and Concentrations

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

COMM1030 - Intro To Communication (Course Code was formerly: COMM1010)
COMM1050 - Survey Of Mass Communication
COMM1080 - Rock and Rhetoric
COMM1100 - Understanding Media Chg World
COMM2000 - Foundations In Publ Relations
COMM2008 - Music In Irish Society
COMM2009 - Fashion, Culture & Pr: Parisia
COMM2010 - Communication and Sport
COMM2015 - Fundamentals Of Advertising
COMM2020 - Interpers Small Group Commun
COMM2025 - Media, Policy and Communities
COMM2030 - Communication Theory
COMM2040 - Applied Storytelling
COMM2100 - Foundation In Strategic Commun
COMM2500 - Instructional Media Design (Course Code was formerly: CM300)
COMM2510 - Communications/English Studies (Course Code was formerly: CM302)
COMM3020 - Organizational Communication
COMM3030 - Writing For Global Marketplace (Course Code was formerly: CM341)
COMM3050 - Adver/Communicatns Strategies
COMM3075 - Media Effects
COMM3110 - Persuasion For Adver/Promotion
COMM3120 - Environmental Communication
COMM3130 - Public Relations Research
COMM3140 - Health Communication Campaign
COMM3150 - Reputation Management
COMM3160 - Communication and Gender
COMM3180 - Risk and Crisis Communications
COMM3220 - Devl, Coord & Executing Events
COMM3300 - Special Topic/Comm:Oral Interp (Course Code was formerly: CM331)
COMM3301 - Writing Advertising/Publ Rel (Course Code was formerly: CM332)
COMM3302 - Special Topics: Political Comm (Course Code was formerly: CM333)
COMM3520 - Document Design (Course Code was formerly: CM420)
COMM3560 - Culture and Couture
COMM3620 - Usability For Professnl Commun
COMM3950 - Communication Research
COMM4015 - Transmed Storytell Strat Comm
COMM4020 - Mgmt Technol/Content Creatn Pr
COMM4030 - Public Relations Prac Glob Soc
COMM4050 - Interact Advertising Campaigns
COMM4060 - Communication Seminar
COMM4080 - Public Relations Campaigns
COMM4800 - Media Management (Course Code was formerly: CM445)
COMM4901 - Internship/Co-Op
COMM4904 - Internship/Co-Op
COMM4905 - Internship/Co-Op
COMM4911 - Internship/Co-Op
COMM4913 - Internship/Co-Op