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GEOL1130 - Landforms Of The World

Summer 2020

This course reviews the processes affecting the shape of the Earth's crust and the distribution of the world's major landforms. The course examines the Earth's dynamic interior, the manifestation of this dynamism through agents such as plate tectonics, volcanism, thermal convection, and earth quakes, and the role these agents play in generating landforms. The type and character of the rocks associated with these dynamic processes are reviewed. The role of glaciers, wind, waves, weathering, mass wasting, and running water in altering the Earth's landforms is considered. The distribution of the world's major energy and mineral deposits, mountain ranges, volcanoes, fault zones, and ocean basins is reviewed. Environmental hazards associated with the world's major landform regions are reviewed. Principles of scientific inquiry are integrated throughout the course.
3 Credits

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