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ORGL3500 - Leadng Virtual Teams & Organiz

Fall 2019

This course is an overview of virtual organizations and teams, the current technology available to facilitate their creation and operation, and specific methods of operating in these environments successfully and productively. Hands on experience with technology and current virtual team methodology will be explored. Team building, problem solving, and communication will be the major areas explored. Case studies, group work and online experiential learning will be included. Outside readings, personal exploration and case studies will be utilized to expand the range of this course.
Prerequisite: ORGL2200
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Days: T
Location: Moon
Room: John Jay 263
Time: 06:00-08:00 pm
Instructor: Belsky
Session: 3 (01/13 - 03/06/20)
Term: Spring 2020
Prerequisite: ORGL2200

Credits: 3
Location: Internet/ Online
Time: -
Instructor: Belsky
Session: 2 (01/11 - 03/06/20)
Term: Spring 2020
Prerequisite: ORGL2200
Course is taught Fully Online.