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Jeffrey A. Listwak, M.B.A.
Senior Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer
Office of Business Affairs
412-397-5261 phone
412-397-2188 fax
Revere Center 213
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Maria E. Torres, B.S.
Senior Administrative Assistant
Office of Business Affairs
412-397-5263 phone
412-397-2188 fax
Revere Center 2nd
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Associated Departments and/or Programs:

    Benefits and Compensation
    Employee Relations, Compliance and Talent Management
    Facilities Management
        Capital Projects and Safety
            Facilities Services
                Conference and Facility Services
                Facilities Services - Academic Buildings
                Facilities Services - Residence Halls
        Facilities Business Operations
        Facilities Maintenance
        Facilities Strategic Sourcing and Operations
    Financial Services, Payroll and Student Financial Services
        Controller and Financial Services
            Accounting and Student Financial Services
                Accounts Payable
                Student Financial Services
            General Accounting
            Project Accounting
        Financial Planning, Analysis and Procurement
            Financial Planning and Analysis
                Financial Analysis
        Financial and Business Operations
            Business Operations
    Information Technology
        Enterprise Applications and IT Customer Service
            Enterprise Applications
            IT Customer Service
        Enterprise Infrastructure
    Island Sports Center
        Figure Skating
        Hockey, ISC
        Operations, ISC
        Power Skating
        Retail Sales and Service, ISC
            Guest Services
            Pro Shop
        Sports Dome