Course Catalog

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

PSYC1010 - General Psychology (Course Code was formerly: PY251)
PSYC1015 - Honors General Psychology
PSYC1999 - Psychology Elective
PSYC2800 - Applied Psychology (Course Code was formerly: PSYC2740)
PSYC2999 - Psychology Elective
PSYC3100 - Methods In Behavioral Research (Course Code was formerly: PSYC3140)
PSYC3200 - Physiological Psychology (Course Code was formerly: PSYC3620)
PSYC3250 - Sensation and Perception (Course Code was formerly: PSYC2420)
PSYC3400 - Psychology Of Learning (Course Code was formerly: PSYC2630)
PSYC3450 - Cognitive Psychology (Course Code was formerly: PSYC4010)
PSYC3515 - Child Development I
PSYC3525 - Child Development II
PSYC3530 - Adolescent Psychology/Devlopmt
PSYC3535 - Child Development
PSYC3550 - Human Growth and Development (Course Code was formerly: PY355)
PSYC3580 - Personality Psychology
PSYC3600 - Social Psychology (Course Code was formerly: PSYC2520)
PSYC3630 - Psych Of Paranormal Beliefs (Course Code was formerly: PSYC3160)
PSYC3650 - Psychology Of Gender (Course Code was formerly: PSYC3180)
PSYC3660 - Psychology Of Human Sexuality
PSYC3700 - Abnormal Psychology (Course Code was formerly: PSYC3510)
PSYC3710 - Advanced Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3730 - Childhood Disorders/Treatment
PSYC3740 - Psychological Assessment
PSYC3750 - Psychology Of Adjustment (Course Code was formerly: PSYC3240)
PSYC3755 - Clinical Psych: Sci, Prac, Eth
PSYC3760 - Fundamentals Of Counseling
PSYC3770 - Drugs and Behavior
PSYC3780 - Group Counseling
PSYC3810 - Industrial Psychology (Course Code was formerly: PSYC3230)
PSYC3840 - Forensic Psychology
PSYC3870 - Psychology Of Sport
PSYC3880 - Exercise and Health Psychology
PSYC4811 - Applied Psych Practicum
PSYC4812 - Applied Psych Practicum
PSYC4813 - Psychology Practicum (Course Code was formerly: PSYC4801)
PSYC4823 - Psychology Thesis
PSYC4833 - Psychology Thesis I
PSYC4843 - Psychology Thesis II