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Political Science  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

POLS1010 - Intro To Political Science
POLS1020 - American National Government (Course Code was formerly: PS141)
POLS1025 - Honors American National Govt
POLS1030 - Compar/Contemp Political Syst (Course Code was formerly: PS341)
POLS1040 - International Relations (Course Code was formerly: PS344)
POLS2000 - Diplomacy and Foreign Service
POLS2010 - Study Tour: Washington D.C.
POLS2020 - Criminal Law and Evidence
POLS3010 - Political Thought
POLS3020 - The Constitution
POLS3030 - The American Presidency
POLS3040 - American Foreign Policy (Course Code was formerly: POLS1050)
POLS3050 - Amer Pol Parties/Elections (Course Code was formerly: POLS3430)
POLS3060 - Civil Rights and Liberties
POLS3070 - Pennsylvania Politics
POLS3800 - Political Science Res. Methods
POLS4040 - Israel: History/Politics/Socie
POLS4120 - Slctd Tpcs American Politics
POLS4800 - Senior Research Project
POLS4801 - Political Science Practicum
POLS4802 - Political Science Practicum
POLS4803 - Political Science Practicum
POLS4805 - Political Science Practicum