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MBA Program  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

MBAD6005 - Foundations For Acct & Finance
MBAD6010 - Leading The Bus Enterprise
MBAD6013 - Managerial Accounting (Course Code was formerly: MR601)
MBAD6015 - Leading With Agility
MBAD6020 - Customer Value/Digital World
MBAD6023 - Economic Found For Dec Making (Course Code was formerly: MR611)
MBAD6033 - Marketing Management (Course Code was formerly: MR621)
MBAD6043 - Managerial/Corporate Finance (Course Code was formerly: MR631)
MBAD6055 - Econ Of Information Security
MBAD6063 - Legal Issues Of Exec Mgmt (Course Code was formerly: MR651)
MBAD6073 - Organizational Behavior/Theory (Course Code was formerly: MR661)
MBAD6083 - Taxation For Bus Dec Making (Course Code was formerly: MR671)
MBAD6093 - Operations Mgt Exec Dec Making (Course Code was formerly: MR681)
MBAD6100 - Consumer Behavior (Course Code was formerly: MARK6100)
MBAD6110 - Fin Mgmt/Acct For Dec Makers
MBAD6111 - Contemp Topics In Risk Mgmt
MBAD6112 - Criti Tech Issues In Risk Mgmt
MBAD6113 - Application Of Risk Management
MBAD6120 - Investments (Course Code was formerly: FINA6100)
MBAD6123 - Environmental Economics
MBAD6133 - Consumption/Substainable Mkt
MBAD6145 - Corporate Social Responsibilit
MBAD6153 - International Business (Course Code was formerly: MGMT6053)
MBAD6161 - International Logistics
MBAD6193 - Project Management
MBAD6215 - Analytical Meth For Dec-Making
MBAD6230 - Proj Risk Assessmnt & Mgmt
MBAD6240 - Today´s Bus Environment
MBAD6245 - Today´s Global Bus Environm
MBAD6250 - Marketing Research (Course Code was formerly: MARK6250)
MBAD6330 - Project Mgmt In Practice
MBAD6420 - Strtgc Mngt Of Trnsprtn/Warehs
MBAD6500 - International Financial Mgt (Course Code was formerly: FINA6500)
MBAD6510 - Global Ops/Supply Chain Mgmt
MBAD6520 - Business Analytics
MBAD6525 - Marketing Analytics
MBAD6530 - Chanl Mgmt/Logistics Interface
MBAD6540 - Accounting Analytics
MBAD6600 - Sport In Society (Course Code was formerly: SPMG6600)
MBAD6601 - Sport Management (Course Code was formerly: SPMG6601)
MBAD6602 - Sport Marketing/Promotion (Course Code was formerly: SPMG6602)
MBAD6605 - International Marketing (Course Code was formerly: MARK6600)
MBAD6900 - Spec Topi In Bus: Glob Entrepr
MBAD6990 - Strat Knowledge Integration
MBAD6999 - MBAd Elective (6000-7000) (Course Code was formerly: MR699)
MBAD7613 - Res Meth Analyzing & Mngng Chg (Course Code was formerly: MR731)
MBAD7913 - Strategic Management (Course Code was formerly: MR721)