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Computer Information Systems  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

CYBS6114 - Mobile Computing In Enterprise
CYMS6100 - Foundations Of Cybersecurity
CYMS6110 - Fundamentals Of Cyber Forensi
CYMS6114 - Mobile Computing In Enterprise
CYMS6200 - Operating Systems Security
CYMS6210 - Defending and Securing Network
CYMS6300 - Applied Cryptography
CYMS6400 - Software and Application Secur
CYMS6500 - Cybersecurity Risk Analy & Mgm
CYMS6510 - Cybersecurity Strategy and Gov
CYMS6600 - Special Topics In Cybersecurit
CYMS7000 - Cybersecurity Capstone
CYMS7700 - Cybersecurity Capstone
INFS5110 - Data Visualization
INFS6010 - Decision Support Sys Anly/Dsgn (Course Code was formerly: CI555)
INFS6040 - Management Information System (Course Code was formerly: CI640)
INFS6070 - Introduction To Ai
INFS6114 - Mobile Computing In Enterprise
INFS6115 - Mobile App Developmnt With Ios
INFS6116 - Mobile App Devel With Android
INFS6120 - Visual Basic Programming (Course Code was formerly: CI601)
INFS6121 - Advanced Visual Basic Prog (Course Code was formerly: CI602)
INFS6130 - Cobol Programming (Course Code was formerly: CI507)
INFS6140 - Python Language & Programming
INFS6151 - Java Programming (Course Code was formerly: CI644)
INFS6152 - Adv Java: Applicatiom Program
INFS6153 - Mobile Prog: Css & Javascript
INFS6160 - Visual C# Programming
INFS6200 - Operating System Security
INFS6210 - Hardware and Operating System (Course Code was formerly: CI630)
INFS6211 - Microcomputing Technology (A+) (Course Code was formerly: CI635)
INFS6212 - Enterprise Operating Systems
INFS6215 - Impact Of Emerging Technologie (Course Code was formerly: COIS6215)
INFS6220 - Systems Analysis and Design (Course Code was formerly: CI620)
INFS6225 - Obj Orient Syst Analysis/Desig (Course Code was formerly: CI655)
INFS6226 - Information Design (Course Code was formerly: COIS6226)
INFS6230 - Networks & Data Comput/Comm (Course Code was formerly: CI622)
INFS6231 - Network Technology & Mgt (N+) (Course Code was formerly: CI669)
INFS6240 - Database Management System (Course Code was formerly: CI650)
INFS6241 - Big Data Technologies
INFS6244 - Database For Data Science
INFS6255 - Ai Ethics and Governance
INFS6320 - Advanced Cobol Programming
INFS6321 - Enterp Transact Process Syst
INFS6360 - Ai In Cybersecurity
INFS6420 - Administering MS System 7 (Course Code was formerly: CI670)
INFS6440 - Adv Health Care Informatics
INFS6460 - Cloud Computg & Amazon Web Ser
INFS6482 - Applied Machine Learning (Course Code was formerly: CI615)
INFS6486 - Data Modeling and Simulation (Course Code was formerly: CI614)
INFS6490 - Computer Network Security (Course Code was formerly: CI621)
INFS6510 - Introduction To Data Analytics
INFS6550 - Natural Language Processing
INFS6580 - Emerging Topics In Ai
INFS6630 - Geographic Info Sys: Tutrl/App
INFS6710 - Knowledge Management
INFS6720 - Data Mining
INFS6730 - Data Integration For Analytics
INFS6760 - Info Tech Security & Assurance
INFS6810 - Computer Forensics
INFS6830 - Secure Programming
INFS6840 - Info Technology Governance
INFS6850 - Adv Topics In Cybersecurity
INFS6953 - Independent Study
INFS7000 - Program Outcome Assessment
INFS7100 - Data Science Capstone
INFS7140 - Adv Python For Data Analysis
INFS7150 - Intro To Web Development (Course Code was formerly: COIS7150)
INFS7151 - Web Applic Devel With Asp.Net
INFS7160 - R & R Programming
INFS7400 - Applied Research In Ai
INFS7479 - Proj Mgmt In Comm/Info Sys (Course Code was formerly: COIS7479)
INFS7520 - Ldrshp Skls Info Tech Proj Mgt
INFS7530 - Mng Sftwre Dev Inf Tech Proj
INFS7550 - Qual Iss Inf Tech Project Mgt
INFS7560 - Strat Plng Info Tech Proj Mgt
INFS7570 - Applied Research/Internship
INFS7571 - Proj Mgmt Research Project-I
INFS7572 - Proj Mgmt Research Project-Ii
INFS7573 - Proj Mgmt Research Project-Iii
INFS7870 - Cybersecurity Capstone
INFS7901 - Internship (Course Code was formerly: CI681)
INFS7902 - Internship (Course Code was formerly: CI682)
INFS7903 - Internship (Course Code was formerly: CI683)
INFS7906 - Internship (Course Code was formerly: CI686)
INFS7909 - Internship
INFS7913 - Internship
INFS7923 - Internship
INFS7943 - Independent Study: Twc I
INFS7953 - Independent Study (Course Code was formerly: CI583)
INFS7954 - Independent Study: Python
INFS7955 - Independent Study: Twc II