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Human Resource Management  
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HRMG6020 - Inclusion & Equity In Wrkplc
HRMG6050 - Labor Relations
HRMG6100 - Challenges In Human Resource M
HRMG6125 - Enhance Employee Retention
HRMG6150 - Recruit, Selection and Retent
HRMG6200 - Training/Devl Through Perf Mgt
HRMG6250 - Benefits Administration
HRMG6320 - Behavioral Dynamics & Impact
HRMG6325 - Total Rewards/Compensation
HRMG6350 - Compensation Management
HRMG6500 - Employment Law
HRMG6520 - Grievance & Arbitration
HRMG6550 - Finance/Acct For Non Finan Mgr
HRMG6700 - Hr Measurements & Applications
HRMG6900 - Strategic Human Resource Mgt