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List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

HIST1100 - United States History I (Course Code was formerly: HIST1020)
HIST1105 - Honors United States History I
HIST1200 - United States History II (Course Code was formerly: HIST1025)
HIST1500 - Western Civilizationto 1715 (Course Code was formerly: HIST1030)
HIST1600 - Western Civilization From 1715 (Course Code was formerly: HIST1035)
HIST1700 - World Civilization I
HIST1800 - World Civilization II
HIST1999 - History Elective (Course Code was formerly: HS199)
HIST2002 - Colonial America
HIST2200 - Twentieth Century America (Course Code was formerly: HIST1055)
HIST2600 - Modern European History (Course Code was formerly: HIST1045)
HIST2700 - Rome: Republic and Empire
HIST2705 - Study Tour: Roman Empire
HIST3100 - American Revolution (Course Code was formerly: HIST4010)
HIST3105 - Study Tour-Colonial/Revol Amer
HIST3120 - Civil War (Course Code was formerly: HIST1065)
HIST3125 - Study Tour-Civil War
HIST3160 - The First World War
HIST3280 - The Vietnam War (Course Code was formerly: HIST1060)
HIST3400 - Pennsylvania History (Course Code was formerly: HIST2000)
HIST3420 - Native American History (Course Code was formerly: HIST3020)
HIST3440 - History Of Pittsburgh
HIST3450 - History Of American Law
HIST3500 - History Of Urban America
HIST3520 - Immigration History
HIST3620 - World War II
HIST3680 - Modern Russia and The USSR (Course Code was formerly: HIST1050)
HIST3700 - The Developing World (Course Code was formerly: HIST1040)
HIST3750 - History Of Latin America
HIST3800 - Modern East Asia (Course Code was formerly: HIST3030)
HIST3850 - Introduction To Public History
HIST3900 - Historical Methods
HIST3999 - History Elective (Course Code was formerly: HS399)
HIST4120 - Sel Top In Gldn Age Of Piracy
HIST4140 - Special Topics: Contemp Americ
HIST4160 - Sel Topics: How Civil End
HIST4800 - Senior Thesis
HIST4801 - History Practicum
HIST4802 - History Practicum
HIST4803 - History Practicum