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Environmental Science  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ENVS1022 - Energy Fund and Sustainability (Course Code was formerly: ENGR1022)
ENVS1024 - Green Buildings and Leed
ENVS1140 - Weather and Climate (Course Code was formerly: NS114)
ENVS1160 - Environmental Science (Course Code was formerly: NS116)
ENVS1170 - Environmental Health (Course Code was formerly: NS117)
ENVS1210 - Intro To Land/Energy Mgmt
ENVS2012 - Renewable Resources
ENVS2500 - Ecology Fundamentals (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2500)
ENVS2550 - Ecology Fundamentals Lab
ENVS3022 - Energy Stor Convers and Transp (Course Code was formerly: ENGR3022)
ENVS4010 - Field Mth Monitor Aquatic Syst
ENVS4020 - Field Mth Monitor Atmosph Syst
ENVS4030 - Field Mth Monitor Geologic Sys
ENVS4040 - Field Mth Of Industrial Hygien
ENVS4050 - Field Mth Monitor Biol Syst
ENVS4060 - Surv Environmental Technol
ENVS4100 - Advanced Ecology (Course Code was formerly: BIOL4100)
ENVS4112 - Energy Research Seminar (Course Code was formerly: ENGR4112)
ENVS4450 - Air/Water/Land Pol Cntrl & Mgt
ENVS4460 - Env Health Of Toxic
ENVS4470 - Environ Law, Ethics & Pub Pol
ENVS4480 - Nat Resource Mgmt & Conserv
ENVS4700 - Senior Thesis
ENVS4902 - Internship/Coop Ed
ENVS4903 - Internship/Coop Ed
ENVS4906 - Internship/Coop Ed
ENVS4909 - Internship/Coop Ed
ENVS4913 - Internship/Coop Ed
ENVS4951 - Independent Study