Course Catalog

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ECED0214 - Field Experiences 2140
ECED0306 - Field Experience 3060
ECED3050 - Planning/Assessment Early Chld
EDUC0104 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Busn
EDUC0105 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Bio/Sc
EDUC0106 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Englis
EDUC0107 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Math
EDUC0108 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Soc St
EDUC0150 - Field Experiences 1500
EDUC0200 - Field Experiences 2000
EDUC0201 - Field Experience 2010
EDUC0210 - Field Experiences 2100
EDUC0211 - Field Experience II - Philadel
EDUC0212 - Field Experience - Belieze
EDUC0302 - Field Experiences 3400
EDUC0310 - Field Experiences 3165
EDUC0410 - Pre-Student Teaching English
EDUC0420 - Pre-Student Teaching Bcit
EDUC0430 - Pre-Student Teaching Math
EDUC0440 - Field Experiences 4140
EDUC0450 - Pre-Student Teaching Soc Studi
EDUC1003 - Foundations For Reading/Writng
EDUC1005 - Academic Reading & Vocabulary
EDUC1500 - Foundations Of Education
EDUC2000 - Schools and Society
EDUC2100 - Educ Psyc/Classroom Mgmt
EDUC2200 - Technology For Teachers (Course Code was formerly: ELED2000)
EDUC3120 - Technology For Sec Educators
EDUC3165 - Teaching Multi Lang Learners (Course Code was formerly: EDUC3220)
EDUC3400 - Curric Instruction Design K-12 (Course Code was formerly: EDUC3025)
EDUC3600 - Educational Assessment (Course Code was formerly: ECED3050)
EDUC4060 - Pre-Student Teaching
EDUC4110 - Cont Spec Pedagogy:Eng/Comm Ed
EDUC4120 - Cont Spec Pedagogy:Bus/Comp
EDUC4130 - Cont Spec Pedagogy: Math
EDUC4140 - Cont Spec Pedag: Biology/Envir
EDUC4150 - Cont Spef Pedag:Soc Studies Ed
EDUC4200 - Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC4500 - Student Teaching
EDUC4510 - Student Teach Intern: Comm/Eng
EDUC4520 - Student Teach Intern: Bus/Comp
EDUC4530 - Student Teach Intern: Math
EDUC4540 - Student Teach Intern: Biology
EDUC4550 - Student Teach Intern: Soc Stud