Course Catalog

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

BIOL1030 - World Of Plants/Struct/Functio (Course Code was formerly: NS103)
BIOL1040 - Prin & Issues Human Heredity (Course Code was formerly: NS104)
BIOL1050 - Conc & Controversies Nutrition (Course Code was formerly: NS105)
BIOL1060 - Physical Fitness:Measmnt/Apprs (Course Code was formerly: SPMG1012)
BIOL1120 - Food Science and Application
BIOL1130 - Biochemistry For Nutrition
BIOL1140 - Nutrition In The Lifecycle
BIOL1210 - Anatomy and Physiology I (Course Code was formerly: NS121)
BIOL1215 - Anatomy & Physiology Lab I
BIOL1220 - Anatomy and Physiology II (Course Code was formerly: NS122)
BIOL1225 - Anatomy & Physiology Lab II
BIOL1250 - Fund Of Human Biology/Health (Course Code was formerly: NS125)
BIOL1310 - Principles Of Biology (Course Code was formerly: NS131)
BIOL1315 - Principles Of Biology Lab
BIOL1320 - Biology Of Living Organisms (Course Code was formerly: NS132)
BIOL1360 - Biodiversity
BIOL1411 - Freshman Seminar
BIOL1620 - Introduction To Epidemiology
BIOL1640 - Environmental Epidemiology
BIOL1999 - Biology Elective
BIOL2050 - Human Nutrition
BIOL2100 - Forensics Biology
BIOL2310 - Principles Of Biology II
BIOL2315 - Principles Of Biology II Lab
BIOL2370 - Microbiology (Course Code was formerly: NS237)
BIOL2380 - Microbiology Laboratory (Course Code was formerly: NS238)
BIOL2390 - General Microbiology
BIOL2420 - Organismal Biology
BIOL2470 - Botany
BIOL2480 - Botany Laboratory
BIOL2570 - Zoology
BIOL2580 - Zoology Laboratory
BIOL2620 - Selected Current Tops In Envir
BIOL3110 - Advanced Human Anatomy
BIOL3115 - Advanced Human Anatomy Lab
BIOL3370 - Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL3375 - Cell/Molecular Biology Lab
BIOL3411 - Junior Seminar
BIOL3470 - Human Genetics
BIOL3475 - Human Genetics Laboratory
BIOL3570 - Comparative Vertebrae Anatomy (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2670)
BIOL3580 - Comparative Vertebrae Anat Lab (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2680)
BIOL3640 - Computational Biology
BIOL3650 - Advanced Physiology (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2770)
BIOL3660 - Advanced Physiology Lab (Course Code was formerly: BIOL2780)
BIOL4000 - Neuroscience
BIOL4200 - Animal Behavior
BIOL4220 - Medical Genetics and Bioethics
BIOL4225 - Medical Genetics/Bioethics Lab
BIOL4250 - Animal Behavior Laboratory
BIOL4270 - Immunology
BIOL4275 - Immunology Laboratory
BIOL4470 - Embryology
BIOL4475 - Embryology Laboratory
BIOL4600 - Medical Semnr/Mcat Prep Part A
BIOL4650 - Medical Semnr/Mcat Prep Part B
BIOL4700 - Senior Thesis
BIOL4901 - Biology Internship/Co-Op
BIOL4902 - Biology Internship/Coop
BIOL4903 - Biology Internship/Coop
BIOL4904 - Biology Internship/Co-Op
BIOL4905 - Biology Internship/Coop
BIOL4906 - Biology Internship/Coop-Op
BIOL4951 - Independent Study
BIOL4999 - Biology Elective