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INFS7000 - Program Outcome Assessment

Fall 2022

This pass/fail course requires the completion of quality assessment activities directly related to the students program of study. Graduating students are required to submit to the CIS Department Head an official transcript of their undergraduate studies that provides proof of the undergraduate degree being conferred. Also students are required to successfully complete appropriate assessment mechanisms such as the Graduate Student Exit Interview Survey. Data from these instruments is used in the on-going quality assurance procedures implemented by the CIS department to help insure that the designed outcomes of the programs are being met by the students.
0 Credits

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Credits: 0
Days: APPT
Location: Internet/ Online
Time: -
Instructor: Bromall
Session: 4 (06/29/2024 - 08/23/2024)
Term: Summer 2024
Course is taught Fully Online.

Credits: 0
Days: APPT
Location: Moon
Time: -
Instructor: Bromall
Session: 5 (10/21/2024 - 12/13/2024)
Term: Fall 2024