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INFS6730 - Data Integration For Analytics

Fall 2022

Data Integration for Analytics (formerly "Data Warehousing") explores all the ways that modern data are integrated, transformed, modeled, and stored to support Data Analytics and Data Science. Specific course topics include: Traditional Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, and In-Memory Databases. Emphasis is placed on developing systems, skills, and strategies to create a comprehensive analytics environment that supports: Data Analytics, Data Mining/Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive/Preemptive Analytics, Geographic/Location Analytics, Real-Time Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Sentiment Analytics, and Big Data Analytics. This course is delivered using readings, discussions, video demonstrations, and hands-on software projects.
Prerequisite: INFS6240 or INFS6242 3 Credits
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Location: Internet/ Online
Time: -
Instructor: Davis
Session: 4 (10/21/2023 - 12/15/2023)
Term: Fall 2023
Prerequisite: INFS6240 or INFS6242 3 Credits
Course is taught Fully Online.

Credits: 3
Days: R
Location: Moon
Room: Wheatley Center 119
Time: 06:00-10:00 pm
Instructor: Davis
Session: 3 (08/28/2023 - 10/20/2023)
Term: Fall 2023
Prerequisite: INFS6240 or INFS6242 3 Credits