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INFS3115 - Mobile App Developmnt With Ios

Fall 2022

This course teaches how to develop native applications for Apple iOS mobile devices. Differences between mobile web sites, native apps, web-based apps and hybrid apps will be investigated and best practices for mobile interface design will be covered, focusing on user-centered design. The course will cover the tool set for native app development for iOS apps, including programming language (Swift and SwiftUI), the Cocoa Touch framework, design patterns, and use of the Xcode integrated development environment and iOS Simulator. Students will learn how to develop iOS apps using a variety of interface controls and frameworks. Topics related to publishing apps and understanding enterprise-level concerns for app management and security will also be explored.
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Days: T R
Location: Moon
Room: Wheatley Center 144
Time: 02:00-03:15 pm
Instructor: Pinchot
Session: 1 (08/29 - 12/16/22)
Term: Fall 2022

Credits: 3
Days: T R
Location: Moon
Room: Wheatley Center 143
Time: 11:00-12:15 pm
Instructor: Pinchot
Session: 1 (01/09 - 04/28/23)
Term: Spring 2023