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ENTR3750 - Family/Small Business Mgmt

Summer 2019

Owning one's own business is, to some, the American dream. Operating that business is challenging, but it can be rewarding both in a financial and non-financial sense. On the one hand, running a business requires long hours, often with no vacation, and with high amounts of stress. On the other, owning one's own business gives flexibility and autonomy not available when working for a large company. This class is designed to make operating a small business effective and less stressful. Although there is considerable overlap between the two, small business management starts where Entrepreneurship ends. This class focuses upon the tasks associated with running a business after it is launched. We will spend a small amount of time discussing the launch of a business, but the primary emphasis is on its day-to-day operation. As such we will study the accounting/financial aspects of the business, how to locate the business, how to market its goods and services, how to manage the human resources, and other operational management aspects of the business. The course addresses some of the unique characteristics of managing established family businesses on a day-to-day basis and in planning for succession to the next generation. 3 credits.
Prerequisites: ENTR3500 or MGMT 3500 and 60 credits
3 Credits

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