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Dr. Carl A. Ross: Director International Activities

Carl A. Ross, RN, PhD, CRNP, BC, CNE
Professor of Nursing
Director of International Activities


Welcome to Robert Morris University Nursing International Activities website. I am pleased you are interested in learning more about the international activities that our school offers to students. Currently, RMU School of Nursing and Health Sciences has a "Hermanamiento" or Sisterschool partnership with Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua. As a result of this partnership, our students are able to travel to Nicaragua for a true transcultural experience.

But, why is a transcultural experience important for student nurses? At RMU, we believe this transcultural experience helps the student to better understand race, diversity, ethnicity, and culture, all key concepts to health care. Most importantly students learn to value diversity as they learn the value of health in a global world. We believe that student nurses who experience a transcultural component to their education are poised to make a significant contribution to the profession of nursing. These students will learn the unique skills and knowledge that will assist them in caring for diverse patients for the rest of their careers. Patient care and quality of life for patients and their families will be improved by nurses who practice culturally competent care. Implementing strategies for culturally competent health care requires adaptation to the needs of the people. Health care professionals must integrate what the people want and what they have used in the past with current conventional treatment modalities.

While in Nicaragua, students have multiple opportunities to experience the regional culture as well as provide health care. A family living in a selected community is assigned to each student at the beginning of the week. Throughout the week, each student must conduct health and environmental assessments on each family member and their living areas. Based on the information collected, each student develops and teaches a health promotion and illness prevention project to their family.

For further information regarding Robert Morris University Nursing International Activities please contact Dr. Ross at 412-397-3941 or via email at