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Certificate In Tc Pre K-4
Concentration: Teacher Certification - Pre K-4
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  3 credits ECED2100 Intro To Early Childhood Educ
  3 credits ECED2120 Early Literacy/Language Devl
  3 credits ECED2130 Numeracy
  3 credits ECED2140 Reading Difficulties/Diagnosis
  3 credits ECED3100 Integrating Arts/Devel Child
  3 credits ECED3060 Family/Community Relationships
  3 credits ECED3400 Elem Reading Content Area
  3 credits ECED4000 Soc Studies Methods Echd
  3 credits ECED4010 Math Methods Early Childhood
  3 credits ECED4020 Science Methds Early Childhood
  3 credits ECED4030 Readng/Lang Arts Mthds Echd
  0 credits ECED4060 Pre-Student Teaching
  3 credits One from... EDUC6010 Theory Learn/Classroom Mgmt
  EDUC2100 Educ Psyc/Classroom Mgmt
  3 credits One from... EDUC6060 Curr Design/Assessment
  EDUC3400 Curric Instruction Design K-12
  3 credits One from... EDUC6400 Reading Across Curr and Ell
  EDUC3165 Teaching Engl Lang Learners
CERTIFICATION/CORE 36 Credits Required
  credits COSK1220
  credits COSK1221
  3 credits ECON1010 Survey Of Economics
  3 credits ELIT1070 Children´s Literature
  3 credits GEOG1020 World Geography
  3 credits One from... HIST1100 United States History I
  HIST1200 United States History II
  3 credits HUMA1010 Humanities: Art and Music
  3 credits One from... INFS1020 Fund Of Information Technology
  EDUC2200 Technology For Teachers
  3 credits MATH1050 Math Reasoning/Applications
  3 credits MATH2010 Fundamentals Of Mathematics
  3 credits POLS1020 American National Government
  3 credits PSYC1010 General Psychology
  3 credits PSYC3535 Child Development
  3 credits One from... SCIE1020 Fundamental Science Concepts
  ENVS1160 Environmental Science
  9 credits ECED4200 Student Teaching Eced
  3 credits EDUC6500 Student Teaching Seminar
SPECIAL EDUCATION 9 Credits Required
  3 credits One from... SPED6030 Special Education Settings
  SPED3030 Clsrm Mgmt/Pos Behav Supp K-12
  3 credits One from... SPED6080 Special Learning Needs
  SPED3010 Intro Special Educ: Pre K-12
  3 credits One from... SPED6085 Principles Of Inclusion
  SPED3020 Teachng Inclus Clsrm: Pre K-12

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