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Master Of Science In Organizational Leadership
Concentration: Organizational Leadership
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MAJOR 21 Credits Required
  3 credits ORGL6000 History & Theory Of Leadership
  3 credits ORGL6200 Leadership and Ethics
  3 credits ORGL6300 Leadership and Communication
  3 credits ORGL6600 Quantitative Reasng Dec Making
  3 credits ORGL6700 Leaders and Organizations
  3 credits ORGL6800 Organizational Change
  3 credits ORGL7000 Organiz Leadership Capstone
ELECTIVES 9 Credits Required
  3 credits One from... ORGL6400 Legal Iss For Leaders/Organiz
  ORGL6750 Conflict Resolution
  ORGL6850 Group Dynam/Interpersona Relat
  3 credits One from... ORGL6750 Conflict Resolution
  ORGL6850 Group Dynam/Interpersona Relat
  ORGL6950 Global Perspectives
  3 credits One from... Any course in the Computer and Information Systems discipline (6000 level or above)
  ORGL6400 Legal Iss For Leaders/Organiz
  ORGL6950 Global Perspectives

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