Business Administration Electives

AC320 Principles Of Accounting I
AC320B Principles Of Accounting II
AC410 Intermediate Accounting III
AC450 Income Tax Accounting II
AC480 Auditing
ACC200 Prin Of Accounting II
ACC201 Financial Accounting
ACC202 Managerial Accounting
ACC2312 Managerial Accounting
ACC302 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC330 Federal Income Tax I
ACC331 Federal Taxation II
ACC411 Auditing
ACC412 Advanced Auditing
ACCT1020 Fundamentals Of Accounting
ACCT2030 Intro Financial Accounting
ACCT2035 Honors Intro Financial Account
ACCT2060 Managerial Accounting
ACCT2070 Fraud Examination For Managers
ACCT2311 Principles Of Accounting
ACCT3015 Prof Accountancy & Tech Semina
ACCT3030 Intermed Financial Acct I
ACCT3040 Intermed Financial Acct II
ACCT3060 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT3070 Accounting Analytics
ACCT3100 Cost Accounting I
ACCT3110 Taxes I: Federal Taxes
ACCT3115 Fundamentals Of Tax Planning
ACCT3200 Special Topics In Accounting
ACCT4010 Auditing
ACCT4020 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT4030 Advanced Auditing & Analytics
ACCT4040 Govt and Not-For-Profit Acct
ACCT4100 Cost Accounting II
ACCT4110 Taxes II: Federal and State
ACCT4488 Accounting Co-Op Education
ACCT4951 Independent Study
ACCT4952 Independent Study
ACCT4953 Independent Study
BA206 Business Software Applications
BA335 Shrinking World/Growng Impl
BA411 Conflict Management
BA426 Managing Cultural Diversity
BA458 Project Management
BA459 Business Systems Analysis
BA473 Decision Making/Prob Solving
BA481A Buisness Law I
BA495 Eth Decision Making In Busin
BFIN3321 Princ. Of Financial Mgt
BINT4310 International Economics
BINT4320 International Business Law
BLAW1050 Legal Environ Of Business I
BLAW3050 Legal Environ Of Business II
BLAW3100 Constitution/Curr Leg Iss Semr
BMDS3371 Management Science
BMGT3340 Management Theory/Practice
BMGT3354 Human Resource Management
BMGT4375 Business Strategy and Strategy
BMKT3331 Principles Of Marketing
BUS307 Business Law II
CIS455 Management Information Systems
COM315 Decision Support Systems
EC335 Global Business Issues
EC355 Global Business Issues
ECO201 Prin Of Macroeconomics
ECO301 Managerial Economics
ECO420 Money and Banking
ECON2301 Macroeconomics
ECON2302 Microeconomics
ENTR3650 Franchising Management
ENTR3750 Family/Small Business Mgmt
ENTR4700 Entrepreneurship Externship
FIN250 Personal Financial Planning
FIN420 Advanced Corporate Finance
FIN433 Money & Banking
FIN443 Money and Banking
FIN450 Sources Of Capital/Capital Mkt
FINA1030 Personal Finance
FINA3000 Principles Of Finance
FINA3030 Prin. Of Financial Planning
FINA3050 Finance Technology
FINA3100 Investment Analysis I
FINA3150 Investment Analysis II
FINA3200 Corporate Finance
FINA3300 Retirement Planning
FINA3400 Financial Analysis
FINA3500 International Finance
FINA3600 Risk Mgmt & Insurance Planning
FINA3700 Estate Planning
FINA4100 Real Estate Investmnt Analysis
FINA4150 Student Investment Fund
FINA4200 Portfolio Management
FINA4250 Derivative Securities
FINA4260 Advanced Financial Mathematics
FINA4300 Financial Plan Development
FINA4400 Financial Modeling/Forecasting
FINA4500 Risk Management & Insurance
FINA4600 Mgmt Of Financial Institutions
FNEC4903 Internship/Coop
FNEC4906 Internship/Coop
GBA334 Appl Decision Methds For Busn
HNRS3910 Honors: Personal & Bus Finance
HRA340 Training/Development
HSMG1010 The Us Healthcare System
HSMG2200 Principles Of Managed Care
HSMG2300 Managing Health Serv. Organiz.
HSMG2400 Medical Terminology
HSMG3200 Health Care Economics
HSMG3500 Financial Mgmt In Health Care
HSMG3700 Health Policy
HSMG4200 Strategic Planng/Marketing Hc
HSMG4700 Curr Hlth Serv Topcs/Iss/Contr
HTMG2000 Intro To Hosp/Tourism Mgmt
HTMG3002 Intro To Hosp/Tourism Mgmt
HTMG3010 Cis For Hospit/Tourism Industr
HTMG3011 Cost Control Sys/Ht Operations
HTMG3015 Purchasing For Hospital/Trsm
HTMG3020 Hospit/Tourism Market/Sales
HTMG3021 Food and Beverage Operations
HTMG3025 Front Office/Lodging Operatns
HTMG3030 Chemistry Of Quantity Food Pro
HTMG3035 Cultural Hospitality
HTMG3045 Meeting and Convention Mgmt
HTMG3053 Supervision:Hosp/Tour Operatns
HTMG3055 Intro To Casino/Gaming Operatn
HTMG3060 International Tourism
HTMG3064 Adv Food Prodtn/Catering Serv
HTMG4052 Executive Development
HTMG4096 Senior Seminar
INT113 Intro To International Busines
INTL1053 China As A Global Market
INTL4025 Marketing Communications
IT330 Database Mgt Systems
LOMG4903 Internship/Co-Op
LOMG4906 Internship/Co-Op
LOMG4909 Internship/Co-Op
LOMG4912 Internship/Co-Op
LOMG4951 Independent Study
LOMG4952 Independent Study
LOMG4953 Independent Study
LTHC2100 Long-Term Care Mgmt
LTHC3500 Interdisciplny Approach To Ltc
LTHC3700 Health Pol/Reg Long-Term Care
LTHC4903 Internship/Co-Op
LTHC4906 Internship/Co-Op
LTHC4909 Internship/Co-Op
LTHC4912 Internship/Co-Op
MARK1010 Intro To Advertising/Marketing
MARK2000 Principles Of Marketing
MARK3150 Prin Of Channel Mgmt Logistics
MARK3300 Managing and Selling Of Brands
MARK3400 Social Media For Marketing
MARK3500 Retail Mgmt and Distribution
MARK3550 Strtgic Asset Mgmt/Supply Chn
MARK3575 International Logistics
MARK3600 Integrated Marketing Commun
MARK3700 Marketing Research
MARK3800 The Psychology Of Sales
MARK3900 Consumer Behavior
MARK4050 International Marketing
MARK4060 Sustainable Marketing
MARK4265 Crm & Marketing Analytics
MARK4270 Advanced Marketing Research
MARK4350 Consultative Sales
MARK4400 Marketing Mgmt Simulations
MARK4500 Logistics Perform & Measuremt
MARK4700 Current Marketing Topics
MARK4800 Adv Professional Selling
MARK4850 Strategic Marketing Management
MARK4901 Internship/Co-Op
MGMT2000 Management Theory and Practice
MGMT2025 Cloud Computing For Business
MGMT2100 Statistical/Quantitative Analy
MGMT2200 Entrepreneurship & Innovation
MGMT3050 International Business
MGMT3180 Management Science
MGMT3220 Special Topics In Innovation
MGMT3400 Organizational Behavior
MGMT3450 Operations Planning & Control
MGMT3482 Intl Bus Honors Co-Op Educ
MGMT3490 Intl Bus Honors Co-Op Educ
MGMT3520 Entrepreneurship Experience I
MGMT3530 Entrepreneurship Experience II
MGMT3540 Operations Management
MGMT3600 Human Resource Management
MGMT3700 Labor Management Relations
MGMT3750 The Sustainable Organization
MGMT3800 Adv Labor Mgt Relatns/Negotiat
MGMT3850 Bus, Govt/Corp Soc Responsib
MGMT3950 Mng Grth/Profit Sustainability
MGMT3960 Gender, Family, and Work
MGMT3970 Employee Training/Development
MGMT4105 Compensation Management
MGMT4120 Intro To Mgmt Nonprof Organiz
MGMT4150 Statistical Process Controls
MGMT4180 Quality Management/Assurance
MGMT4205 Human Resource Mgmt Seminar
MGMT4225 Business Model Innovation Lab
MGMT4270 Quantitative Analy For Hum Res
MGMT4400 Management Simulation
MGMT4490 Intl Bus Honors Co-Op Educ
MGMT4498 Intl Bus Honors Co-Op Educ
MGMT4500 Supervisory Skills
MGMT4530 Competitive Supply Chain Oper
MGMT4540 Recruitment and Retention
MGMT4550 Sustainable Global Hum Res Mgt
MGMT4560 Project Management
MGMT4660 Advanced Project Management
MGMT4700 Special Topics In Management
MGMT4820 Case Studies In Operations Mgt
MGMT4850 Strategic Management
MGMT4901 Internship/Co-Op
MGT301 Principles Of Management
MGT309 Intro To Logistics Mgmt
MGT312 Intro To Project Management
MGT320 Entrepreneurship I
MGT325 Finance For Managers
MGT331 Management Of Human Resources
MGT337 Proc.Purch. & Vendor Mgt.
MGT350 Entrepreneurship II
MGT417 Log.Inventory Cont. & Mat. Mgt
MGT430 Business, Govt, and Society
MGT441 Labor Management Relations
MKT222 Principles Of Retailing
MKT229 Advertising
MKT301 Principles Of Marketing
MKT308 Personal Selling
MKT320 Sales Management
MKT325 Marketing Principles
MKT337 Marketing Research
MKT345 Consumer Behavior
MKT346 Soc Media Marketing
MKT360 Direct Marketing
MKT383 Consumer Behavior
MKT401 Influencing Customer Buy Beh
MKT450 Electronic Marketing
OCMK3100 Principles Of Marketing
OL211 Human Resource Management
OL317 Small Business Management
OL320 Entrepreneurship
OL325 Compensation & Benefit Admin
PA400 Public Policy
PH328 Business Ethics
PLAW1000 Pre-Law Advisory
PLAW2000 Pre-Law Advisory
PLAW3000 Pre-Law Advisory
PLAW4000 Pre-Law Advisory
QSO300 Intro To Operations Mgmt
SMMG4906 Internship/Co-Op
SPMG1010 Introduction/Sport Management
SPMG1011 Social Issues In Sport
SPMG2100 Survey Of World Wrestling E
SPMG3021 Program Planning
SPMG3050 Busi and Industry Of Esports
SPMG3311 Commercial Sport
SPMG3320 Sport Coaching
SPMG3341 Spec Topics: Intercoll Athlet
SPMG3342 Business Of Professional Sport
SPMG3350 Iss/Tpcs Colleg/Scholast Athle
SPMG3360 International Sport Management
SPMG3401 Mgmt Principles In Sport Mgmt
SPMG3402 Sport Marketing
SPMG3410 Sport, Recreation and The Law
SPMG3415 Busn/Econ Of Professnl Sports
SPMG3420 Sport Event and Facility Mgmt
SPMG3430 Business Of Wwe
SPMG3610 Sports Sales
SPMG4100 Bus/Prodtn Of Arts, Ent, Sport
SPMG4140 Spec Tpc: Emerg Iss/Trnds Spmg
SPMG4410 Public Relations In Sport
SPMG4740 Honors Seminar In Sports Mgmt
SPMG4820 Applied Sport Analytics
SPMG4840 Problem Solving In Sport/Recre
SPMG4910 Internship/Co-Op
XREG1204 Intermediate Financial Acct
XREG1316 Advanced Corporate Finance