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Certificate In Risk Management
Concentration: Risk Management Certificate
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The purpose of risk management is to enable the organization to accomplish its mission through balancing the operational and economic costs associated with strategic decision-making. Risk management encompasses three processes: risk assessment, risk mitigation, and evaluation and assessment. This certificate will allow students to understand contemporary risk topics and provide them with important tools and techniques to enable their ability to undertake the risk assessment process, including identification and evaluation of risk and risk impacts and recommendation of risk reducing measures as it relates to the 21st century organization.
REQUIREMENTS 12 Credits Required
  3 credits MBAD6110 Fin Mgmt/Acct For Dec Makers
  3 credits MBAD6111 Contemp Topics In Risk Mgmt
  3 credits MBAD6112 Criti Tech Issues In Risk Mgmt
  3 credits MBAD6113 Application Of Risk Management

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