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Master Of Science In Cyber Investigations and Intelligence
Concentration: Cyber Investigations & Intelligence
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Required Courses 30 Credits Required
30 Credits Required
  3 credits CYBR6010 Cyber Crime and Criminology
  3 credits CYBR6020 Intelligence Studies
  3 credits CYBR6120 Linux For Investigators
  3 credits CYBR6130 Osint Collctn, Analysis & Invs
  3 credits CYBR6140 Offensive Cyber I
  3 credits CYBR6150 Programming For Investigators
  3 credits CYBR6230 Cyber Tradecraft
  3 credits CYBR6240 Offensive Cyber II
  3 credits CYBR6800 Deep/Dark Web Investigations
  3 credits CYBR7000 Capstone Investigation
Prerequite Course 3 Credits Required
All students admitted to the program must have completed at least one programming course.
  3 credits One from... INFS2120 Visual Basic Programming
  INFS2130 Cobol Programming
  INFS2151 Java Programming
  INFS2160 Visual C# Programming
  INFS2184 C++ Programming
  INFS3240 Python Program Language

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