Undeclared Business is not a degree program.  It is an advising option for incoming students who are uncertain of which major in the School of Business they would like to pursue.


The Undeclared Business option which includes 42-credits of designated basic business courses allows students to explore more than one business discipline by taking non-concentration specific courses.  Students learn about available careers while assessing their own goals, aspirations and strengths. The flexibility of the undeclared business option, combined with the supportive academic environment of the School of Business, provides students with the necessary framework to choose business concentrations that best fits their interests and skills.

While in Undeclared Business status, students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors, join various business-related organizations and attend networking conferences. Students in this status receive solid foundations in business theory and practice while gaining effective communications skills. The curriculum is also designed to refine and develop interpersonal and analytical skills to help students achieve their career goals in a competitive job market.

Students are encouraged to complete the 42-credits of designated basic business courses early in their studies.  A student is required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in order to be accepted in a concentration within the School of Business.


The 42-credit hour curriculum has eight components:

  1. Communications Skills - 12 credits
    COSK1220 Reading and Writing Strategies or
        COSK2221 Intercultural Communications (Advanced Placement)
    COSK1221 Argument and Research
    COSK2220 Public Speaking and Persuasion
    COSK2230 Business Professional Communications
  2. Information Systems - 3 credits
    INFS1020 Introduction to Decision Support Systems
  3. Economics - 6 credits
    ECON1020 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON1030 Principles of Microeconomics
  4. Mathematics - 3 credits
    MATH2040 Finite Math and Applied Calculus*
  5. Accounting - 6 credits
    ACCT1010 Introduction to Financial Accounting
    ACCT2060 Managerial Accounting
  6. Law - 3 credits
    BLAW1050 Legal Environment of Business
  7. Business Quantitative Skills - 3 credits
    MGMT2100 Statistical / Quantitative Analysis
  8. Social Sciences - 6 credits
    PSYC1010 General Psychology
    SOCI1010 Principles of Sociology or
        SOCI2320 Contemporary American Social Problems
*MATH1010 College Mathematics is the prerequisite for MATH2040 unless the student is given advanced placement. 

Note: COSK0990 College Reading and Writing and MATH0900 Introduction to College Mathematics may be required but do not fulfill the requirements for the 42 credits designated in this program.