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Master Of Science In Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
Concentration: Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
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REQUIREMENTS 27 Credits Required
  3 credits One from... INFS6210 Hardware and Operating System
  INFS6212 Enterprise Operating Systems
  INFS6211 Microcomputing Technology (A+)
  3 credits INFS6230 Networks & Data Comput/Comm
  3 credits One from... INFS6240 Database Management System
  INFS6242 Enterprise Database Systems
  3 credits INFS6490 Computer Network Security
  3 credits INFS6760 Info Tech Security & Assurance
  3 credits INFS6830 Secure Programming
  3 credits INFS6840 Info Technology Governance
  3 credits INFS6850 Adv Topics In Cybersecurity
  3 credits INFS7870 Cybersecurity Capstone
  0 credits INFS7000 Program Outcome Assessment
ELECTIVES 3 Credits Required
  3 credits One from... Any course in the Computer and Information Systems discipline (6000 level or above)
Prerequisite to the program:
Any object-oriented programming course such as C++ and Java or equivalent

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