William A. Wentling, D.Sc., NMTCB
Assistant Professor of Nuclear Medicine (Nuclear Medicine)
412-397-5486 phone (M)
Scaife Hall (Old) 126

Educational Background

  • Associate in Science, Radiologic Technology, Gannon University, 1991
  • Bachelor of Science, Nuclear Medicine Technology, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1998
  • Master of Science, Adult Education, State University of New York College at Buffalo, 2005
  • Doctor of Science, Information Systems and Communication, Robert Morris University, 2014

Professional Background

  • Assistant Professor/Clinical Coodinator - Robert Morris University - Nuclear Medicine Technology Program
  • Instructor - State University of New York at Buffalo - Nuclear Medicine Technology Program
  • Manager - Central Radiopharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Area of Expertise/Research

  • 20+ years of medical imaging experience in the fields of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.
  • Clinical Study Protocal: Tc-99m rh-Annexin V, Apomate.


  • W. Wentling, S. Cooper, J.W. Vilani, D.T. Guarasci and P.M. Orlosky: "Did you know that you could be fined for failure to follow federal DOT shipping regulations?" Clinical Nuclear Medicine, Vol. 23, January 1998.


  • 2009 - Nuclear Medicine Molybdenum Update - Eastern Great Lakes Chapter Meeting
  • 2003 - Overview of CRS Nuclear Services to the University at Buffalo Medical School third year selective students
  • 2010 - Introduction to Nuclear Medicine Technology - Buffalo area High Schools and BOCES Programs
  • 2003 - Nuclear Medicine Technology -Junior Class at Kenmore East High School

Schedule of Courses
Schedule Book for All Active and Available Future Terms, William

Spring 2016
  • NMED3008-A
  • 03:15-04:30 PM T RMWentling1 (01/11-04/30/16)2 Seats
  • NMED3011-A
  • 07:45-09:35 AM WMWentling1 (01/11-04/30/16)4 Seats
  • NMED4024-A
  • 01:45-03:05 PMM WMWentling1 (01/11-04/30/16)5 Seats
  • NMED4043-A
  • 09:45-11:35 AMM WMWentling1 (01/11-04/30/16)3 Seats