Philip J. Harold, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science (Social Sciences)
Associate Dean, School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences (School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sci.)
Acting Department Head, English and the Humanities (English and the Humanities)
412-397-5417 phone (M)
412-397-6044 fax
Wheatley Center 208

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Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Politics, The Catholic University of America, 2004

Professional Background

  • Interim Dean, School of Education and Social Sciences, Robert Morris University, 2018-19
  • Co-Director, University Honors Program, Robert Morris University, 2008-2018
  • Fulbright Researcher, Katholische Universitaet, Eichstaett, Germany, 2010

Area of Expertise/Research

  • Modern Political Theory
  • American Politics


  • Co-Authored with Tony Kerzmann, “Raised Awareness of Fracking in Pennsylvania,” Commonwealth: A Journal of Pennsylvania Politics and Policy  Vol 19, No 1 (2017), 33-47.  
  • Translation of "Das bessere Leben: Zur ökonomischen Dimension moralischer Verantwortung" by Walter Schweidler, “A Better Life: On the Economic Dimension of Moral Responsibility,” Journal of Markets & Morality, Vol. 15, Issue 1 (Spring 2012), 103-115.
  • “Valori o responsabilità nella politica e nella società” in L'amore principio di vita sociale.  Edited by Juan José Pérez-Soba and Marija Magdic.  Rome: Edizioni Cantagalli, 2011.  271-290. 
  • Prophetic Politics, Athens: Ohio University Press, 2009.


  • 2017 - "Towards a Fair Interpretation of the Honors Thesis across Disciplines," Annual Conference of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Atlanta.
  • 2017 - "The Concept of `Value' in Political Rhetoric," Midwest Political Science Association Annual 2017 Annual Conference, Chicago.
  • 2017 - "Co-Teaching in the Classroom," 78th Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association, Robert Morris University.
  • 2015 - "Werte oder Solidaritat in der gemeinwohlorientierten Bildung," Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlesruhe, Germany.
  • 2013 - "Lotze on Values and Validity," A Century of Anglophone Phenomenology: Winthrop Bell and his Milieu, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • 2012 - "Values or the Common Good," 8th Annual Graduate Conference in Political Science, International Relations, & Public Policy, The Hebrew University, Mount Scopus Campus, Jerusalem.
  • 2012 - "The Core of Personhood: Vulnerability, Responsibility, Individuality," Encountering Vulnerability: Courage, Hope, and Trust in the 21st Century, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana.
  • 2012 - "The Co-Leadership Model," panel presentation at the National Collegiate Honors Council Annual Conference, Boston.
  • 2011 - "Building an Honors Culture: The First-Year Experience at Alfred University and Robert Morris University," Annual Conference of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • 2011 - "Intersections: Hosting a Multi-University, Hybrid Undergraduate Research Conference Using Video-Conferencing Technology," Annual Conference of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • 2010 - "Levinas on Philosophy as Prophetic Politics," Readings of Difficult Freedom, Toulouse, France.