By using ePay, you are authorizing Robert Morris University to debit funds by way of an electronic funds transfer from your checking or credit card account. Clicking on the "Process Payment" button completes this authorization. You will receive an Email verification that will detail the status (accepted/rejected) of your payment.

If you wish to place a stop payment order on your payment request, you must contact your financial institution immediately. Until Robert Morris University receives the actual credit, payment is not considered made.

The invoice that RMU account owers may see online may not be identical to the one that you receive in the mail. The online invoice is a current account balance that takes into account all future projections for each specific term. Any payment that you make to your student account will appear in this invoice upon clearance with your financial institution.

By authorizing this electronic funds transfer you understand and agree that Robert Morris University is not liable for erroneous bank statements or incorrect debits to your account. You should refer to the terms and conditions provided by your bank concerning electronic transfers from your bank account. The policy and procedures of Robert Morris University (as listed on the website) and separately negotiated contracts with Student Financial Services apply to this Online Payment Service and are incorporated herein by reference.

In no event shall Robert Morris University be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or other damages (including without limitation, any lost profits, lost savings, loss of information, etc.) that are related to the use or the inability to use the content, materials and functions of the site or any linked website.