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RMU 100: Strategic Plan 2018-2021

As RMU approaches its 100th anniversary, the university has produced a new strategic plan to bolster the educational and student development programs that are its mission through six key initiatives:


Form strategic partnerships


Raise graduation rates


Grow net assets


Maintain enrollment


Promote the RMU brand


Encourage inclusiveness

RMU 100 is a comprehensive strategic plan designed after extensive consultation and collaboration with all university stakeholders.

Excellence | Global Perspective | Inclusion | Innovation
Professional Focus | Responsiveness | Transformation

Core values are the DNA of an organization, its underlying principles. Recognizing how far RMU has come in nearly a century, the new strategic plan includes two new core values that define the university and its path forward.

Responsiveness: To keep pace with the rapidly changing world of higher education, RMU strives to be nimble and alert to opportunities to change, to do things differently and better, while guided by experience and wisdom.

Innovation: In line with responsiveness, RMU places a high value on new technology that can directly and demonstrably improve student outcomes. Gallup research and the Student Success Collaborative embody that commitment to innovation.

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