ORGL4000-A Organizational Design/Effectiv (Fall 2022)

Course Details

Section will be taught totally online with no scheduled class meetings. Students must arrange for daily access to a computer and the Internet prior to the start of classes. Robert Morris labs are to be used only as a backup in special situations and may not be relied upon for extended periods of time. In addition to the Internet link, online classes have a large emphasis on email. All messages from the instructor and other information regarding online classes, including user ids, passwords, and login instructions will be sent to your Robert Morris University email account. Visit for more information.
Session, Dates: 4 (10/22/2022 - 12/16/2022)
Time: -
Location: Internet/Online
Seats Available: 8 Seats
Credits: 3

Course Description

Organizations thrive, muddle along or fail because of a wide variety of reasons. This course will explain how organizations, whether for-profit, non-profit or governmental, formal or informal, short-lived or long, are designed and what enables the people in them to perform with satisfaction and goal accomplishment. Organization theory will be incorporated for explaining how organizations work and for guiding an analysis of the contingencies, the overlapping elements of organizations. Contingencies of organizations, introduced by students and the instructor, producing goods and/or services, will be compared and contrasted. Students will choose an organization they can focus on for conducting an analysis of organizational effectiveness. They will also deomonstrate an understanding of how design and structure enable or hamper an organization's ability to reach its goals.

Prerequisite: ORGL1100, ORGL2200 & ORGL3200 3 Credits

About the Instructor(s)

Petros G. Malakyan, Ph.D.
Professor of Organizational Leadership
Communication and Organizational Leadership
412-397-6302 phone
412-397-6468 fax
Wheatley Center 211