Robert Morris University

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Minor In Graphic Design
Concentration: Graphic Design
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REQUIRED COURSES 9 Credits Required
  3 credits ARTM1020 2D Studio
  3 credits ARTM2020 Digital Imaging
  3 credits ARTM2110 Intro To Graphic Design
ELECTIVES 6 Credits Required
  3 credits One from... ARTM2120 Vector Illustration and Ration
  ARTM2115 Introduction To Typography
  3 credits One from... ARTM2210 Intro To Web Design
  ARTM3110 Design Studio I
  ARTM3150 Advertising Design
  ARTM3195 Design Study Abroad: Desg Ital
  ARTM1830 Hist Of Visual Communications

* A minimum grade of C must be earned in each course identified with an asterisk

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