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Certificate In Tc Business
Concentration: Teacher Certification - Busn/Comp & Info Tech
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Students must demonstrate keyboarding proficiency at 45 words per minute with 95% accuracy using proper technique (eyes on copy without looking at keyboard or screen) through a five minute timed writing.
  3 credits One from... EDUC2000 Schools and Society
  EDUC6000 Critical Issues Affect Amer Ed
  3 credits One from... EDUC2100 Educ Psyc/Classroom Mgmt
  EDUC6010 Theory Learn/Classroom Mgmt
  3 credits EDUC6060 Curr Design/Assessment
  3 credits One from... EDUC2200 Technology For Teachers
  EDUC6110 Integrting Instructional Techn
  3 credits One from... SPED6040 High-Incidence Disab: Mths/Pra
  SPED3050 Tch Students W/High-Incid Disa
  3 credits One from... EDUC3100 The Learning Environment
  EDUC6400 Reading Across Curr and Ell
  3 credits One from... SPED3010 Intro Special Educ: Pre K-12
  SPED6080 Special Learning Needs
  3 credits One from... SPED3020 Teachng Inclus Clsrm: Pre K-12
  SPED6085 Principles Of Inclusion
Students must select all three courses the same semester
  3 credits EDUC6520 Cont Spec Pedagogy:Bus/Comp
  3 credits EDUC6500 Student Teaching Seminar
  6 credits EDUC6205 Student Teaching
  0 credits EDUC7061 Pre-Student Teaching
CERTIFICATION 36 Credits Required
Students may substitute EDUC6190, EDUC6230, EDUC6270, and EDUC6180 in lieu of INFS241
* credits ACCT1010
* 3 credits ACCT2060 Managerial Accounting
* 3 credits BLAW1050 Legal Environ Of Business I
* credits BLAW2100
* 3 credits ECON1010 Survey Of Economics
* 3 credits ECON4500 International Trade/Finance
* 3 credits FINA3000 Principles Of Finance
* 3 credits One from... INFS1020 Fund Of Information Technology
  INFS6010 Decision Support Sys Anly/Dsgn
* 3 credits One from... INFS2120 Visual Basic Programming
  INFS2130 Cobol Programming
  INFS2151 Java Programming
  INFS2184 C++ Programming
  INFS6120 Visual Basic Programming
  INFS6151 Java Programming
* 3 credits One from... EDUC6210 Web Development For Educators
  INFS2150 Intro To Web Dev & E-Comm Tech
* 3 credits INFS2410 Office Info Sys Applications
* 3 credits One from... INFS2480 Telecomm For Info Professional
  INFS3230 Networks/Data/Computer Comm
* 3 credits INFS3210 Operating Systems Concepts
* 3 credits MARK2000 Principles Of Marketing
* 3 credits MGMT2000 Management Theory and Practice
* 3 credits PSYC3530 Adolescent Psychology/Devlopmt

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