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Certificate In Instructional Technology Specialist
Concentration: Instructional Technology Specialist
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In addition, students must meet the requirements and competencies for the following courses: EDUC6010 Theory Learning/Classroom Management SPED6080 Special Learning Needs SPED6085 Principles of Inclusion EDUC6400 Reading Across Curriculum/ELL EDUC7903 is an 80-hour internship in a school setting under the supervision of a faculty member.
  3 credits EDUC6060 Curr Design/Assessment
  3 credits EDUC6100 Dev Instr Materls Using Softwr
  3 credits EDUC6110 Integrting Instructional Techn
  3 credits One from... EDUC6120 Instructional Leadership/Mgmt
  EDUC6125 Instructional Ldrshp/Org Lrng
  3 credits One from... EDUC6210 Web Development For Educators
  EDUC6224 Digital Video Prod For Tchers
  EDUC6610 Foundations Of Online Tchg/Lrn
  EDUC6610 Foundations Of Online Tchg/Lrn
  3 credits EDUC7903 Instruct Tech Specialst Intern

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