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Ph.D. In Instructional Mgmt/Leadership(Fully Online)
Concentration: Instructional Mgmt/Leadership (Fully Online)
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CORE COURSES 24 Credits Required
  3 credits EDML8110 Applying Instructnl Technology
  3 credits EDML8120 Leadership I
  3 credits EDML8150 Leadership II
  3 credits EDML8170 Instruc Ldshp In Curric Plan
  3 credits EDML8180 Instruc Ldshp In Program Eval
  3 credits EDML8200 Managing Finances and Budgets
  3 credits EDML8220 Managing Instruc Environ
  3 credits EDML8280 Teaching In Higher Ed: T.C.L.
  3 credits EDML8140 Crit Readings Educ Research
  3 credits EDML8230 Research I - Qualit/Quant Meth
  3 credits EDML8240 Qual/Quantitative Methods II
  3 credits EDML8250 Statistical Methods I
  1 credit EDML9130 Dissertation Seminar I
  1 credit EDML9140 Dissertation Seminar II
  2 credits EDML9150 Dissertation Seminar III
  2 credits EDML9160 Dissertation Seminar Iv
  6 credits EDML9170 Dissertation Seminar V
  3 credits EDML9180 Introduction To The Dissertiat
  3 credits EDML8130 International Perspective/Educ
  3 credits EDML8190 Law and Ethics In Education
  3 credits EDML8270 Writing For Publication
This program includes a Summer Residency Requirement:

Year one (1) one week (Last week in June)
Year two (2) one week (Last week in June)
Year three (3) one week (Last week in June)

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