Robert Morris University

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Master Of Business Administration In MBA (Fully Online)
Concentration: General Management (Fully Online)
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CORE COURSES 21 Credits Required
  3 credits MBAD6015 Leading With Agility
  3 credits MBAD6020 Customer Value/Digital World
  3 credits MBAD6110 Fin Mgmt/Acct For Dec Makers
  3 credits MBAD6215 Analytical Meth For Dec-Making
  3 credits MBAD6245 Today´s Global Bus Environm
  3 credits MBAD6510 Global Ops/Supply Chain Mgmt
  3 credits MBAD6990 Strat Knowledge Integration
ELECTIVES 9 Credits Required
  3 credits One from... MBAD6310 Entrepreneurship/Innovation
  MBAD6193 Project Management
  3 credits One from... MBAD6520 Business Analytics
  MBAD6193 Project Management
  3 credits One from... MBAD6530 Chanl Mgmt/Logistics Interface
  MBAD6193 Project Management
PREREQUISITES 3 Credits Required
  3 credits MBAD6005 Foundations For Acct & Finance

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